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Forging industry in the form and principles of progress
Publisher:admin  AddDate:2012-8-10 16:54:27  Hits:1862

Filed forging industry, the essentials of the past is a blacksmith, domestic free forging to remember the main concepts of the forging. 1980s, especially in the 1990s, the domestic people on forging got a better understanding, the true meaning of the forging is forging. To this end, all these years around forging people launched investment. Ten years later, this small but important industry forging industry with what the new development? Difficult to find, there is no difference between conventional the common forging equipment in the form and principles, but there are no small progress
Forging hammer - forging hammer from the past gravity drop hammer, steam-air hammer, the liquid air hammer, development to today's electro-hydraulic hammer. The main progress of such equipment energy controllable combat is smooth, precision-oriented, and the use of flexible. With automated forging hammer forging production line.

Screw press - screw press by human spiral hammer, double disc friction press, developed to today's clutch screw press and direct drive screw press. This new press is characterized by a large energy, and the force can be controllable. Direct drive screw press with high efficiency, simple structure, existed in the past, the main problem is the impact on power, the problem is basically solved through the use of inverter technology.

Mechanical presses - mechanical press should get a big development in the 1970s and 1980s. And a large amount of production of the forging product. Presses, automatic production line is the idea of the Russians, the German practice of the Chinese test. The world's first fully automated forging production line installed in China Dongfeng Motor Corporation Forges. Recent years press forging a problem is not a complete solution, but it has been found that the elongation of certain controllable press forging its rack. In general, the press work a 10MN elongation 1mm. As

Without this elongation, the press is impossible to achieve forging.

Hydraulic press - hydraulic machine used in the forging industry earlier, but the awareness of the hydraulic machine has not yet reached a new level. The general concept of the hydraulic machine is slow, as the old ox pulling dray, leisurely. Does not meet the "strike while the iron is hot" forging needs. However, with the development of the hydraulic system and control technology, hydraulic machine has to adapt to the needs of forging production. Currently use the most is the coining finishing extrusion, forging billet system.
The four general forging equipment, spawned a number of special forging equipment, such as: roll forging, oblique cross rolling, Orbital, upsetting. In any case, forging machinery mainly electricity, liquid, gas and mechanical drive. The need to provide for the part deformation force and energy. The main goal of forging equipment: accurate, efficient and timely manner to provide the force and energy, and to ensure the accurate and stable movement.

The forging production progress at the same time is also reflected in the progress of the mold manufacturing. Generally speaking, the last set of molds average manufacturing time is about 4-5 times that of the current advanced level, current progress, mainly with a computer and high-speed processing equipment, advanced technology, mold manufacturing cycles shorten, resulting The concept of the forging die manufacturing also change and improve the forging die life and shorten the molding time are equally important, and try to insert die forging.
There is no doubt that the forging process and technological progress mainly provincial timber, energy-saving and increase production, the intrinsic and extrinsic forging quality. Forging companies progress mainly economic efficiency. In terms of technology, the changes in its core mold progress, the the mold progress of core in the pre-forging die, in other words, pre-forging process design technology and the shape of the preform design in forging forging technology.
Mold development and manufacturing technology has become the key to a forging enterprises can technically successful.

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